Organization Communiqué 2 – 2018

I had a hot and smoky drive to Winnipeg for the 98th Annual National Convention, it was 45˚ C in Medicine Hat when we arrived, 42˚ in Regina.  The smoke followed us all the way to Winnipeg, but was the worst was around Calgary. It was a great opportunity for my husband, Doug, and I to visit many of our relatives on the prairies.  It was also a great bonding experience to share a hotel room with our President, Christa Grillmair.

Organization Communique 1 – 2018

I may have met some of you at Diocesan Conventions or Interim Meetings. I have just finished a two-year term as Diocesan Treasurer. I am a past president of St. Patrick’s (Campbell River) Council and have previously served on the Diocesan Council as Secretary. I have also served my Parish Council as President, Treasurer, Spiritual and Christian Family Life.

Organization Communique #13

Most of us started the year by reflecting on 2017 and planning for the current year. Now that we’re at the end of January … how’s it going for you?

My January has been dynamic, challenging me to be focused but flexible and to remain balanced. At our Diocesan Day of Reflection we will spend some time on the lessons of Mary and Martha to help us remember that in our world of demands and distractions, we need to put God as our first and foremost priority.