Margaret Mulholland

St. Mary's, Ladysmith

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about marg ...

Margaret Mulholland is a member of the St. Mary's, Ladysmith, CWL. She has been a member of the CWL for 63 years. For 11 of those years, she held office in many different categories, including as President.

Margaret was born in the Comox hospital in 1926, and raised in Merrville (Courtney parish). In her younger years, she was very involved in sports, especially basketball and swimming. After she was married, she and her husband did a lot of boating, from Seattle to Port Hardy, and all the bays and inlets between. In addition, they travelled to the British Isles, Mexico, and Hawaii, as well as exploring many parts of Canada and the USA in their truck and camper. Margaret learned to play bridge 40 years ago, and is still an enthusiastic player. She loves to entertain family and friends, opening her home and greeting guests with her huge, hospitable heart.

When asked who her best mentor was in the CWL, Margaret replied, "Vicki Stark was the person who asked me to join. She was an inspiration, as were so many of the wonderful ladies I met in the CWL over the years."

We asked her about the most interesting activity she has taken part in, as a CWL member. She told us that being President of her Council was a great learning experience, and one that was very satisfying. As President, she had the thrill of presenting a school award to her son, Terry. 

At age 91, Margaret still loves to be active. She works for St. Mary's Council's big fundraiser, usually behind the baking table – which is her favourite spot! She takes Communion to care homes and shut ins in the area. She bakes for funeral catering, and participates in St. Mary's visitation outreach. In addition, she volunteers one morning a week, manning the Parish office.

(We're exhausted just reading about it, Margaret!)

When we asked her what advice she has for women who are interested in joining the CWL, she responded, "I would advise them wholeheartedly to join. The CWL is like a close-knit family. You get to know so many great ladies who give you support, spiritually, and in many other ways. It gives you huge satisfaction to work for your Church in many capacities ... and it is a tremendous faith builder."

Our interviewer said this about Margaret: Marg, as we know her, has been a great inspiration to us all. She is an amazing lady! At age 91, she is sharp as a pin. A few years ago, when our Parish could no longer afford a secretary, she was the first volunteer to come forward to help. She is still going strong, and has come to be the go-to person for a lot of parish needs and questions. It was a great privilege to interview her.

We say: thank you, Margaret, for your incredible dedication to the CWL, to your Parish, and to the Church. We couldn't do it without you.