Rosemary Shortreid


About Rosemary ... 

Rosemary Shortreid joined Our Lady of the Rosary CWL in early 2016.

She was born and raised in Cork City, Ireland on August 30, 1939, the eighth child in a family of ten. Rosemary emigrated to Canada on August 29, 1967, arriving on her 28th birthday. She moved to Prince George BC as a Frontier Apostolic (FA) for a two-year term, and ended up staying for three. She earned her room and board by housekeeping for several priests in the area.

In 1973, Rosemary moved to Smithers, BC, joining St. Joseph's CWL. It was in Smithers that she met, and married, her husband. They have one son, John, and an adopted daughter, Bonnie. Rosemary was very involved with catering for the CWL and the parish, and enjoyed that work a great deal. She made many friends, especially Eileen Bouvier, whom she still refers to as her mentor in CWL. Eileen continues to live in Smithers, and she and Rosemary remain friends to this day.

Rosemary moved to Kamloops, and going the St. John Vinney Council, helping out with CWL activities, and particularly with catering, until her move to Langford in 2016.

Rosemary has been a CWL member for 45 years, receiving her pin just recently. For many years, Rosemary's primary hobby was baking Christmas cakes as a CWL fundraiser.

When asked if she had any advice to give to women interested in joining the CWL, she responded, "Friendship!"