Loving Lent – a forty day walk with Jesus!

by Francine Tournier, St. Edward’s Council, Duncan

Lent is another beginning with Jesus. It is a fresh starting-again of our relationship with Him; it is a reminder of His love for us; and it also reaffirms our choice to love and serve Him.

During Lent, St. Edward’s Council members have embraced ‘Caring for Our Common Home’ by supporting, through faith and service, our sisters and neigbours who are not as fortunate as ourselves. 

At our meeting on Ash Wednesday our members were handed a large, black plastic garbage bag labelled ‘40 Days of Lent’. Each day of Lent, our members will donate one wearable item: a sweater, blouse, slacks, a pair of shoes, a piece of jewellery, a scarf, or a hat. These items are put in the big, black bag accompanied with a prayer for the recipient. A heartfelt prayer is also a welcome substitute donation for those with an already de-cluttered closet. Immediately following Easter, the donations will be collected, sorted and then delivered to the homeless women’s shelter and local thrift stores who provide for those in need. 

There are many rewards for the members of St. Edward’s Council in this 40-day walk with Jesus. Most importantly, we are able to help those in need by sharing our abundance and we are witnesses to the active love of Jesus in all of us. That is joy!