2019 - 2021 CWL Executive Installed at St. Patrick's, Victoria

by Lorrie Van Somer, President

The 2019 – 2021 CWL Executive at St. Patrick’s Victoria were installed by Fr. William Hann on June 4, 2019, with the help of Past President Paulina Scherr. We are a faith-filled group of dedicated women who truly enjoy being a part of the Catholic Women’s League.

Members are as follows (pictured left to right in the photo below):

  • Mrs. Evenly D’Cunha, Service

  • Mrs. Audrey Thom, Education

  • Ms. Cathy Cavin, Spiritual

  • Mrs. Debra McKay, Communications

  • Mrs. Anna Dixon-Hardy, Spiritual

  • Mrs. Isabel Harding, Membership

  • Mrs. Susie Newt, Organization

  • Mrs. Lorrie Van Somer, President

  • Mrs. Lorna O’Neill, Past President

  • Mrs. Paulina Scherr, Resolutions/Legislation

  • Fr. William Hann