Report on the Provincial Convention

by Maureen Ingram

What has happened?

A sold out Diocesan Convention (ocean side hotel in Parksville) with 3 excellent workshops.  One workshop on Quality care and Advocacy at the end of Life had a 3 speaker panel – a lawyer, a physician and Bishop Gary Gordon.  At the conclusion each parish was challenged to adopt three new initiatives to assist the palliative care ministry in their city.  Examples are: a legal representative to assist the adult children of elderly parishioners; establish a fund to begin a parish sponsored hospice; and be certain that all hospice and palliative care residents have an advocate. These initiatives from each parish will be shared in a workshop during the Autumn Midterm meeting. The most common evaluative comment on this Convention 90 minute workshop was “not enough time for the end of life workshop “so we will continue to arrange these presentations as requested.  

A little bit of tenderness could open up a horizon of hope.  (Pope Francis)

One of the Victoria Parishes participated in a 21/2 hour REBOOT event with an attendance of 700. 

Chris is dynamic speaker which appeals to the younger members of the parish.  I have brought some information about REBOOT from one of the parishes in Victoria.  

Our Diocesan CWL Webpage is in the formative stage.  It will feature current information only, special parish events and member profiles. 

What is planned?  In addition to the above:

  • We are anxious to celebrate the appointment of our new Diocesan CWL Spiritual Advisor.  No word yet but lots of suspense.  
  • Parish outreach program participation will be encouraged to align with the Palliative Care initiatives.
  • It is the goal of our Communications Chair to have our website up and running this fall.  When this happens, we will be sure to communicate to all chairs and presidents the address and links for the site.


  • Invest in a really good phone plan; parish presidents are usually surprised and pleased when they are contacted for information or follow-up or to ask how they are or about the health of someone in the family who is ill.
  • More information given earlier to each parish for convention agenda items so they can plan further ahead.  Send paper as well as electronic copies so that different groups are targeted.
  • Don’t forget to debrief events over a good meal and some time to visit.  Keep a record and send the copy of comments to the next convention chair.  Frequently the next chair is learning on the job and no one needs to reinvent the wheel.

Thank you!