Diocesan Executive Planning Meeting

By Gerry Heywood, from the SJTW CWL Facebook Page

Dear Friends, I love our new Facebook page banner: Do not be afraid of tomorrow for God has already been there. We try not to be afraid and yet we are. We don't like uncertainty but I think if everything were certain, we'd be bored out of our minds!

So, this past Saturday, our Diocesan Executive met to plan for the coming year with boldness—some fear, but no boredom. We openly talked about our fears. For example, how do we remain relevant in an increasingly secular world? How do we let other women of all ages know how active we are in church and in the world and how much we need them to help us in our work? We know people will join in and help out when they feel they are needed. 

How do we deal effectively with a society that normalizes death when a recent survey shows 73% of Americans support euthanasia? We know that Canada's statistics are probably the same. How do we, in the Diocese of Victoria, handle two major conferences this year—our Diocesan and Provincial conventions—plus the cares of the world?

Well, we just get to work and pray and plan all this! We're going to focus on our councils and ourselves as being a spiritual force and get down to work. We know we can do this future work with God's help because He's already been there. We are not afraid. Well, maybe a little bit nervous but NOT AFRAID.