St. Patrick's (Victoria) Valentine Tea

by Deborah MacKay

Though considerable time has passed, St. Patrick's Parish CWL members will not readily forget this year's Valentine's Tea. Our annual afternoon Valentine's Tea is very a special time because it's an opportunity for our senior members to attend. They are treated to a variety of fancy sandwiches, cheeses, and accoutrements, all served on elegant plates. Tea is poured for them from fine china tea pots into delicate tea cups. Tables are covered with blue and white tablecloths adorned with bouquets of flowers. But the crowning glory of the luncheon was Berny Andayani’s 50 handmade puff pastries in the shape of swans. Each swan was meticulously decorated with chocolate and the centre filled with a heavenly cream filling and chocolate mouse. It was truly an amazing sight to behold!

We also honoured twenty members that attended for their dedication over the years to the Catholic Women's League by presenting them with service pins. Notably, Helen McLellan received a 65-year pin, Marybeth Sullivan received a 55-year pin and Pauline Scherr received a 50-year pin. Ida Schibli, recently deceased was remembered and praised for her 70 years of service.

This festive mood continued throughout our general meeting and members left with a smile, full tummy and good memories.