Fr. David John 'pre-visits' the Nanaimo Convention Site

“I thought that all the preparations the Christa and others are doing are a bit like Jesus on the shore cooking breakfast and making sure everything is ready to greet the disciples as they get off the boat. Then I thought how the CWL members attending the convention were there to try to improve the society we live in. And all these people who surrounded me on the ferry probably knew little of us as a group, but we were working for their welfare too. And then, just as in John 6:21, “immediately the boat reached the land toward which they were going” and I was back at the mainland; the ferry ride seemed to fly by, I can’t think why, I only shut my eyes for a minute!

I so much look forward to June and our next visit to this gem of a place. See you there.”

~ Fr. David John

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