St. Mary's 85th Anniversary Spring Tea

by Jeanette Hillis, Communications Chair, St. Mary’s CWL

St. Mary’s CWL recently celebrated their 85th Anniversary at their Spring Tea. There were several tables set up with archives and memorabilia for new and long-time members to peruse. They enjoyed a luncheon of fancy sandwiches, dessert dainties, and—of course—tea!

A representative from Ladysmith Family and Friends spoke to the group about their centre for families and caregivers. A goodwill collection from those presented yielded $465, which was presented to Ladysmith Family and Friends.

The highlight of their day was the presentation of a 70-year pin to their Sister Marion Gordeu, who received the pin, a bouquet of flowers, and much applause with a gracious smile and tears in her eyes.

Thank you to all who attended, and made this Anniversary so special for us.