President's Report Communique #8

Dear Members of the CWL

This Communique was written five weeks ago and not sent. Too much horizontal sick time. Thank you for your lovely cards, flowers, Masses celebrated and for your phone calls and visits to Dwain while he is in hospital. He will likely be in hospital for a while yet. It is your love which inspires action while I feel more akin to a sloth.

I do appreciate those who filled in for me when there was a task needed to be done sooner, not later. I hesitate to mention names as that is a guarantee to forget a team member.

This communique has some reminders about upcoming CWL events. It is time for our Diocesan biannual election. The nomination committee will soon or has contacted council presidents and others eligible to be a committee chair or officer on the Diocesan council. Each letter will explain the process. Every new member on the Diocesan team has talents and experiences to add to the Diocesan council. I urge you to say “yes” when asked. It is a “learn on the job” experience. Ask anyone who has served a term or 5 and each will begin with how much their faith grew and how many new ways to enjoy learning the “ropes”.

Our next big event is the Interim meeting in March 6 (Tues) in Duncan. We usually plan for 9-3 and have a mixture of prayer, reports, workshops and fun. The agenda for the regular and executive meetings will be sent by memo to each President and Committee Chair in the week following the Day of Reflection, Please print out these agenda to use on that day. The planning committee in Duncan sent a map showing where on St. Edwards’s grounds we should drive and park in order to keep the students safe.

A few details for this day: We begin our meetings in 2 places. Those attending the executive meeting (committee chairs, presidents, and executive) will begin at 9am in a room within the school. There will be ladies with big smiles to show us the way. All other CWL members (and guests) will congregate in the Parish Hall for a workshop on resolutions with Life Member Ann Devlin. There are several resolutions forming this year so this workshop will be very timely.

For this executive meeting we will present executive reports (please give a copy to Daisy) For the General meeting we will present parish council reports. Again, a copy to the secretary please.

Reports for the Interim are to be 2” in length and focus on 2 topics: A) what was planned in your parish to enhance spiritual development and B) what was your most successful workshop or educational speaker. For the executive reports a 2” report by the Diocesan Standing Committee Chairs featuring a 2 “report

Remember to bring your envelope for Convention registration. We need signatures for the voting delegates. Look on the reverse of one of the instruction sheets for your voting form.

Blessings to all on this blustery day, we are in charge of scattering our own sunshine. See you on the 6th in Duncan.

Maureen Ingram
Chair, Victoria Diocesan CWL

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