President's Message #1

by Christa Grillmair, CWL Diocesan President

I started my journey as President of the Victoria Diocesan CWL Council at our Convention at the beginning of May. I have been preparing for this job for the past two years as President-Elect. However, I was prepared to take over the position after the Convention, not prior to the Convention when our dear President, Maureen, had to resign due to ill health. Thanks to the wonderful convention team in Victoria and the support of my sisters in the League, we were able to pull off a great Convention. 

Now what? We are all slowly settling into our new positions. Laurel Phyall passed her Treasurer’s duties on to Renee Johnson and has accepted Organization and President-Elect duties (and the many boxes of training materials). Nancy Horsfield took on the job of Secretary and is gathering information from Daisy Mah and Agnes Geiger (who stepped in to record the Convention Minutes). Pat Darling and Pat Carew are exchanging portfolios as Pat D. takes on Spiritual Development and Pat C. takes on Education and Health. Bertha Landrie is 1stVice President and Chair of Community Life. Linda Foucault is 2ndVice President and Chair of Christian Family Life. Sandi Digras continues as Communications Chair and Website Coordinator and Gerry Haywood takes on the challenge of a combined Legislation and Resolutions. We are fortunate to have Fr. Alfredo Monacelli as our Spiritual Advisor and a recovering Maureen Ingram as our Past President. Of course, all our Parish Council Presidents are part of the ‘Diocesan Team’ and I am looking forward to working with all of you!

We are planning for a busy summer. Several members of our Diocese are travelling to Whitehorse for the Provincial Convention from June 20 – 23. On Saturday, July 14, we will gather in Ladysmith for a planning session, where we will do a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), and start drafting a Vision and Mission statement that will help guide our next two years. And, some of us are travelling to Winnipeg in August for the National Convention where we will get an update on our League’s strategic plan.

I know we are all busy, but I hope everyone is taking some time to just breathe, take in the glorious sights and sounds of Spring and spend time with Our Lord, family and friends. 

God bless you!