Communications Communiqué #12

Our new dynamic President, Christa Grillmair, invited all Diocesan Executives and Presidents to a summer planning session at All Saints Parish in Ladysmith on Monday, July 14, 2018.

Pat Darling, our new Spiritual chair, not only hosted but also lead us in an inspiring and bonding prayer service that taught us Namastemeans I greet the holy one in you. In the Christian tradition its meaning changed to I greet the gifts of the Holy Spirit in you

Communication Communique #10

Blessings and Greetings for the second month in 2018. I am back from a month in the Arizona sun and ready to focus on our Communication challenges for this year.

Pope Francis will focus on the harmful effects of “fake news” in his message for World Day of Communication May 13, 2018. In a quote from the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communication; “false information contributes to creating and fueling strong polarization of opinions. Their goal is to encourage the seeking of the truth and to promote a journalism of peace and understanding. (Source Vatican radio news. (

In this time of instant information, we are all challenged to share our knowledge and information in new and exciting ways.